Ankur Gold

Descriptions :

Ankur Gold is produced by fermenting this seaweed using a cold process in which microbial organisms rupture the cell wall and release bio-stimulant substances into the broth. In the early stages of crop growth, Ankur Gold  in optimising vegetative growth. Ankur Gold activates soil bacteria, particularly rhizosphere bacteria, which are responsible for root system growth.


Benefits :

  • It improves nutrient uptake of the crop, which enhances growth.
  • Increase in foliage enhances photosynthesis.
  • Induces more flowering, enhances flower to fruit conversion.
  • Uniform fruit size, increases quality of harvest, increases yield.
  • Biodegradable and residue free. Environmentally safe, no residue on plants and soil.


Application : 

Method Dosage
Foliar application 200-300 ml in 100 ltr water per acre during periods of rapid growth or nutritional stress.

Packing: 250 ml, 500 ml and 1Litre

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