Descriptions :

A natural biostimulant, Master-G contains a well-balanced mix with optimal ratio between short chain peptides, long chain peptides and free amino acids. It is the world’s purest and the most concentrated product of Amino acids of natural origin. Master-G helps the crops in mitigating the damage done by hail, phytotoxicity, parasites and diseases, drought etc. It is absorbed by the plant immediately on application. Master-G contains unique Amino acids in it which have a specific role for maximizing the plant’s yield potential. Peptides is a natural Amino acid.


Benefits :

  • Peptides Mixtures help in the chelating and complexing of nutrients.
  • Stimulates nutrient uptake and increases the chlorophyll content in the leaves of the plants.
  • Benefits the energy balance of plants.
  • All the amino acid mixtures are 100% water soluble, leaving no residue.
  • It makes 20 kinds of amino acids available for quick absorption by plants.
  • Increases plant yield and biomass production.
  • Boosts the crop’s resistance to drought, salinity, and other stressful conditions that affect its yield.
  • Improves flavours, firmness, and preservation of yield.


Application : 

Crop Dosage
Field Crops and Vegetables 100-150 ml in 100 ltr water per acre during periods of rapid growth or nutritional stress.
Tree Crops 100-150 ml in 100 ltr water per acre after the beginning of active growth.
Grapes and Berries 100-150 ml in 100 ltr water per acre after active growth begins.
Turf 100-150 ml in 100 ltr water per acre.

Packing: 100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml and 1Litre

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