Helptone OSA

Brand Name: OSA

Descriptions :

Helptone OSA contains beneficial element Silicon, which Improves resistance to water stress and helps plants to fight o temperature stress up to 41 C. It also increases reproductive rate in plants. Silicon in plants helps to increase the tolerance to zinc deficiency. Can be used for all crops.



    • Helptone OSA Provides resistance to nutrient and climatic stress.
    • Spray of Helptone OSA Reduces fungus infestation by preventing fungus from penetrating leaf surface.
    • It helps plants to resist toxicity from high levels of Phosphorus, Manganese, Aluminum, and Sodium.
    • Application of It prevents insects damage by sucking insects like thrips, aphids by creating a protective layer over leaf


Crop Dosage / Litre of Water Application Timing
General 1-2 ml As per Requirements
Vegetables 1-2 ml As per Requirements
Fruit 1-2 ml As per Requirements
Other Crops 1-2 ml As per Requirements


Packing:  250ml, 500ml, 1Litre

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