Helptone Chelated

Brand Name:  Helptone Powder Box

Descriptions :

Helptone Chelated is a specially designed complex formulation of micro nutrient mixture for foiler sprayer, which ensures availability of every nutrient in each particle. This homogenous mixture of micronutrients is given to crop through foiler sprayer. This is highly stable in plants. Hence it gives superior results even at much lower doses.




  • Helptone Chelated is EDTA Chelated Micro-nutrient mixture, free-flowing, fine crystalline green color micro granular powder which dissolves speedily and completely in water
  • Highly stable complex formulation
  • It is homogeneous blend and not physical mixture
  • It is 100% water soluble and can be given through drip
  • Enhances complete crop growth and increases yield and quality



Crop Dosage / Litre of Water Application Timing
General 1-1.5 gm 1-2 times at flowering stage and at fruit fill time (10-15 days interval)
Vegetables 1-1.5 gm 4-5 times flowering stage and at fruit fill time between 10-15 days interval
Fruit 1-1.5 gm 3-4 times at fruit set, fruit development and fruit set 10-15 days interval
Other Crops 1-1.5 gm 3-4 times at growth time and flowering time 10-15 days interval.


Packing:  100 GM, 250 GM and 500 GM

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