Chlorantraniliprole 9.3% + Lambdacyhalothrin 4.6% ZC

Brand Name: Ampy

Descriptions :

Lambdacyhalothrin 4.6% + Chlorantraniliprole 9.3% ZC is a broad spectrum foliar insecticides providing both rapid knockdown and long lasting efficacy against pest.


Chemical Composition:

100 % w/w

S.No Ingredient Description Weight
1 Chlorantraniliprole a.i. 9.30 % w/w
2 Lambdacyhalothrin a.i. 4.60 % w/w
3 Wetting and Dispersing agents: Tristyrylphenol polyethoxyester phosphate 3.70 % w/w
4 Sodium lignosulphate 0.93 % w/w
5 Emulsifiers: Solution of an acrylic graft copolymer in water and propyleneglycole 1.85 % w/w
6 Copolymer butanol PO/EO 0.24 % w/w
7 Dodecylbenzenesulfonic acid sodium salt 0.08 % w/w
8 Fatty acids, polycondensed 0.41 % w/w
9 Thickners: Magnesium aluminium silicate dispersion 3.24 % w/w
10 Linear polysaccharides 0.29 % w/w
11 Preservative: 1,2-benzisothiazol-3-one 0.23 % w/w
12 Antifreeze: DL-propanediol-(1,2) 6.52 % w/w
13 Antifoaming agent: Polydimethyl siloxane 0.19 % w/w
14 Silicone emulsion 0.02 % w/w
15 Stabiliser: Lignosulfonic acid, sodium salt, sulfomethylated 0.51 % w/w
16 Buffers: Potassium hydroxide 0.09 % w/w
17 Sulfuric acid 0.27 % w/w
18 Ammonia 0.12 % w/w
19 Pigment: Titanium dioxide 0.49 % w/w
20 Capsule wall: Poly urea 0.77 % w/w
21 Slovents: Solvent Naphtha 3.79 % w/w
22 Water Q.S. %
23 Total 100 % w/w


Recommendation : 1






Common Name of Pest


Dilution in Water (L)

Waiting Period between last spray to harvest (in days)  

Re-entry after each Application (In Hours)



AI (g)


Formulation (ml)

Brinjal Shoot and fruit borer, Jassids 28 200 500 5
Chilli Thrips, Mites & Fruit borer 37.5 625 500 5
Cotton bollworm 37.5 250 500 20
Okra Shoot and fruit borer, Jassids 28 200 500 3
Pigeon Pea Pod borer 30 200 500 18
Rice Stem borer, leaf folder, green leaf hopper 28-35 200-250 500 53
Soybean Leaf worm, Girdle beetle, Semilooper, Stem fly. 28 200 500 41

Direction of Use

Measures out required quantity of the product and mix it well with a small quantity of water. Add the remaining quantity of water as specified with thorough agitation for total coverage of crop with suitable sprayer.

 Time of Application :  

When used as per the recommendations given below, Lambdacyhalothrin 4.6% + Chlorantraniliprole 9.3% ZC protects the Pigeon Pea crop from Pod borer and bollworm complex in cotton.


  1. Do not cooking utensils for preparing the spray solution. Use stick for stirring the spray solution. Avoid contact with skin, eyes and clothing. Avoid inhalation of fog and vapors. Wear hand gloves and face shield to avoid contact with the skin and prevent any splashes into the eyes. Wear protective clothing, mask, goggles and boots while handling and application of the product. Do not eat, drink or smoke while applying the product. Wash hands with soap and plenty of water and change clothes after the work is over. Avoid contamination of air and water bodies with the insecticides. Also wash the contaminated clothes.

Symptoms Of Poisoning:

No case of human poisoning is on record.

First Aid

Remove the affected person to a well ventilated area to fresh air and protect him from under cooling. Remove contaminated clothing and thoroughly wash the affected parts of the body with soap and water. Rinse eyes with clean water for several minutes. If ingested, have the person sig a glass of water if able to swallow. Get the attention of the

medical doctor immediately. NOTE: Do not induce vomiting or never give anything by mouth to an unconscious person.



No specific antidote is known. Apply symptomatic therapy. This product is toxic to fish and honey bees.

Disposal Of Used Container 

  1. Packages or surplus material and washings from the machines and containers should be disposed off in a safe manner as to prevent environmental and water pollution. 2. The used packages shall not be left outside to prevent their reuse. 3. Packages shall be broken and buried away from habitation.

Storage Conditions

  1. The packages containing the insecticides should be stored in original containers in separate room or premises away from the rooms or premises used for storing other articles particularly articles of food or shall be kept in separate almirahs under lock and key.
  2. The rooms or premises meant for storing the insecticides shall be well built, dry well lit and ventilated and of sufficient dimensions to avoid contamination with vapor.
  3. Do not allow product to freeze.

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