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The product is botanical insecticide based on neem kernel derived Azadirachtin. It contains a minimum of 3 gram of Azadirachtin per Kilogram of the material (w/w). RECOMMENDATION: When used as recommended below through high volume sprayer, this product controls the following pests effectively. Take the required quantity of the product in some water and stir well. Add the required quantity of water and stir well to form ready to use spray.

Category: insecticides

Descriptions :

Chemical Composition:

Azadirachtin a.i.(min.) Neem Oil







Poly oxyethylene Sorbitan mono laurate

0.30 % w/w



10.00 % w/w


10.00 % w/w

Solventn.butanolQ.S % w/w

Total: 100.000% w/w



Crop(s)Common Name of PestDosage/HADilution in WaterWaiting Period between last spray to harvest


(in days)

Re-entry after each Applicatio n (In Hours)
AIFormulation in water (Ltr.)
CottonAmerican bollworm 410005 

Direction Of Use

P.P. Equipment:- Knapsack sprayer fitted with a hollow cone nozzle in recommended.

Time Of Application

Apply as soon as the insect population beings to appear in the field but before it reaches Economic Threshold Level (ETL). Weather should be clear, clam, no rains and no strong winds.NUMBER OF APPLICATION :- 2-3 sprays are required at the interval of 7-14 days, depending upon the pest infestation. No more than three sprays in a season.


  1. Keep away from foodstuffs, empty foodstuff containers and animals food.
  2. Avoid contact with mouth, eyes and skin.
  3. Avoid inhalation the spray mist. Spray in the direction of wind.
  4. Wash thoroughly the contaminated clothes and parts of the body after spraying.
  5. Do not smoke, drink, eat and chew anything while spraying.
  6. Wear full protective clothing while mixing and spraying.

Symptoms Of Poisoning:

Headache, nausea., vomitting giddiness , convulsion, skin irritaion may occur.

First Aid

  1. If swallowed, induce vomiting by tickling the back of throat. Repeat it until the vomitus is clear. Do not induce vomiting if the patient is
  2. If clothing and skin are contaminated, remove the clothes and wash the contaminated skin with copious amount of soap and water.
  3. If eyes are contaiminated, flush with plenty of saline/clean water for about 10 to 15 minutes.
  4. If inhaled, remove the patient to fresh air.


  1. The product is not phytotoxic when used as per field recommendation.


  1. No specific antidote is known. Treat symptomatically.

Disposal Of Used Container

  1. The packages shall be broken and burried away from habitation.
  2. The used packages shall not be left outside to prevent their re-use.
  3. Packages or surplus material and washings should be disposed off in a safe manner so as to prevent envoronment or pollution.

Storage Conditions

  1. The packages containing the insecticides shall be stored in separate rooms or premises, away from the room or premises used for storing other articles or shall be kept in separate almirahs under lock and key depending upon the quantity and nature of the insecticides.
  2. The room or premises meant for storing the insecticides shall be well lit, dry, well ventilated and of sufficient dimensions to avoid contamination with vapour.

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